TePe Extra Grip – Box 4 pcs (Save 10%)

SKU: T129/4


TePe Extra Grip provides a comfortable, stable grip, yet weighs only 30 grams. It fits TePe Select and TePe GOOD toothbrushes and TePe special brushes.


The comfortable, stable Extra Grip helps patients with reduced manual dexterity. Perfect for caregivers assisting a person with disabilities. The grip can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


TePe Extra Grip is developed in conjunction with qualified occupational therapists at the Centre for Technical Aid, Department of Rheumatology and Department of Hand Surgery at Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. By replacing fossil raw material with fossil-free pine oils in a mass balance system, we have reduced the carbon footprint of the Extra Grip by around 80% – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design.

  • Provides a comfortable, stable grip which helps patients with reduced manual dexterity.
  • Weighs only 30 grams. Fits TePe Select™, TePe GOOD™ toothbrushes and most of our special brushes.
  • Easy to insert and remove by tapping the toothbrush handle on a hard surface.