The TrollMount from TrollDental is a full mouth X-Ray mount.

The TrollMount has double-sided protection that can be written on with any pen or pencil. Designed with a non-transparent, dark green frame that reduces any glare created from the viewing light.

TrollMount is made out of long-lasting materials that have an estimated life time of over 100 years. Material does not contain any chemicals that would cause an interaction between the TrollMount material and the film emulsion.

TrollMount protects both sides of x-ray film longer than you´ll ever need.

  • The opaque frame eliminates glare from the viewing light for a faster, more reliable diagnosis.
  • Notation space for patient information can be written on with any pen or pencil.
  • Manufactured in softener-free plastic that allows for lifelong filing without deterioration.
  • 6 horizontal size #3 film
  • For long bitewing
  • Outside measurement: 132 x 120 mm
  • Box of 100 pcs

Ref: 11006160

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